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Dutch government fail.

2010-02-20 13:03:36 by Jack-Mace

I am ashamed of the Dutch government. Makes me feel bad that I'm Dutch myself. They failed over a topic that was irrelevant to the economic stability of the country. Thank you " Balkenende ". This has been the fourth time he made it fall / fail. Must be some new record of some sort. Makes me believe that most of those suits have their heads op there asses, cause they can't see a fatal flaw if it is placed on a freaking pedestal.


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2010-05-30 09:46:50

it wasnt just the dutch government in that respect. the american canadian and i believe french did basically the same thing over different reasons, mostly really tiny or non political problems.


2014-12-02 15:05:58

jeff weise's ghost says hi


2015-02-19 02:44:55

rip @regret